HWI News

Dr. Paz publishes in Nature Communications 

HWI scientist Dr. Aviv Paz was part of a team that published a paper entitled “Membrane potential accelerates sugar uptake by stabilizing the outward-facing conformation of the Na/glucose symporter vSGLT” in the journal Nature Communications. This work with scientists...

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Fighting Drug Resistance in HIV/AIDS

Miranda Lynch, PhD Evolution of drug resistance drives destabilization of flap region dynamics in HIV-1 protease, Madhusudan Rajendran, Maureen C. Ferran, Leora Mouli, Gregory A. Babbitt, and Miranda L. Lynch. Biophysical Reports. Volume 3, Issue 3, 13 September 2023,...

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Hauptman-Woodward Receives New Equipment

We are grateful to the James H. Cummings Foundation for funding Drs. Sarah Bowman, Miranda Lynch, Diana Monteiro, and Aviv Paz to purchase an anaerobic chamber. Some samples we work with are extremely sensitive to oxygen in the air and this chamber will allow us to...

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