Synchrotron Services

The Hauptman-Woodward Medical Research Institute manages the Industrial Macromolecular Crystallography Association Collaborative Access Team beamline (IMCA-CAT) at the Advanced Photon Source. The beamline is designed for high-throughput high-quality single-crystal studies. Small-Angle X-ray scattering is also available as a service. The service provides security and confidentiality for proprietary samples and data. During the APS upgrade, IMCA-CAT has negotiated access at multiple sources across the world and is upgrading its beamline to take full advantage of the new capabilities provided by the upgraded APS.

The IMCA-CAT beamline at the Advanced Photon Source provides:

  • Expert staff – Dr. Lisa Keefe directs IMCA-CAT with a scientific and technical staff that have been successfully working with industry and academia for decades.
  • State-of-the-art source – An undulator beam with positional feedback and microbeam capability.
  • State-of-the-art beamline – Actor Gen 4 continuous soak robot, Eiger2 X 9M detector, ALIO goniometer, and on-axis imaging.
  • Purpose-built facilities – Laboratory and office module adjacent to the beamline.
  • Processing and data transfer – Comprehensive software suite available and rapid secure data transfer.
  • Experienced – Over 20,000 structures determined annually
  • Confidentiality – The Center is a secured facility and no information will be publically disclosed without the express written permission of the investigator(s).

Industry researchers access IMCA-CAT for proprietary data collection through two mechanisms, subscription, and membership. This provides advanced scheduling for guaranteed frequent and rapid access, mail-in services, and security and confidentiality for samples and data. As the APS upgrades and the IMCA-CAT facility at the same time, this service is being provided across many synchrotron other facilities. Users of the National Crystallization Center can access IMCA-CAT directly with crystals produced by the Center.

IMCA-CAT Subscription

IMCA Membership

Non-proprietary proposal access

Word cloud generated 2020-2018 beamline users publication titles.


IMCA-CAT is a structural biology research facility for pharmaceutical drug discovery programs. It was established in 1992 by the Industrial Macromolecular Crystallization Association (comprising  AbbVie, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Janssen, Merck, Novartis, and Pfizer) to design, build, and operate a research facility at the Advanced Photon Source, a high-energy synchrotron X-ray source at Argonne National Laboratory. Today, IMCA-CAT operates a state-of-the-art insertion device beamline for confidential and proprietary macromolecular crystallography experiments. To meet the demands of the pharmaceutical industry, IMCA-CAT is optimized for high-throughput data acquisition, is committed to generating the highest quality X-ray diffraction data, provides reliable access for proprietary research, ensures maximum efficiency, and invests in the facility to remain at the technical forefront for pharmaceutical research in structural biology. As the APS is upgraded, IMCA-CAT is also upgrading it’s  beamline to take full advantage of the new capabilities.

Discovery and lead optimization phases of drug development are accelerated with high-throughput data acquisition at IMCA-CAT. Automated sample mounting, diffraction rastering for high-precision sample centering, and shutterless continuous-rotation data collection distinguish IMCA-CAT as an outstanding research environment for confidential and proprietary structural biology programs in the pharmaceutical industry.

Structural studies of the most challenging complexes, including membrane proteins, small crystals, and radiation-sensitive samples, benefit from advanced beamline capabilities. Fragment screening high-throughput demands are met with fully automated and fast processes for data acquisition. On-the-fly structural analyses are enabled by high-speed, secure, and encrypted data transfer to off-site locations for integrating with company-based pipelines.

The IMCA-CAT facility is a state-of-the-art facility for proprietary drug discovery research. Intense focused beam, robotics for sample mounting, diffraction rastering and high-speed precision sample positioning, and shutterless continuous-rotation data collection enable the beamline to meet the throughput demands of the pharmaceutical industry. Experiment design capabilities include wavelength tunability for MAD and SAD experiments, selectable mini beam for optimum beam size, and collect-along-a-vector for overcoming sample degradation. Guaranteed, frequent, and routine access for proprietary data acquisition, via mail-in services, smoothly integrates with pharmaceutical drug design work flows.

Collect data on-site or remotely from your home laboratory, or utilize mail-in service. Pharmaceutical companies interested in conducting proprietary experiments are invited to inquire about the IMCA-CAT Subscription Program. General users interested in conducting non-proprietary experiments should apply via the APS User Program.

Beamline Capabilities


Energy : 6 – 20 keV
Flux: 7.7 x 10E12 ph/sec @ sample
Focus: 70 µm (H) x 30 µm (V)
Mini beam: 5, 10, 20, 50, 300 µm apertures
Attenuation: 0 – 100 % with Al filters
Stability: beam positional feedback



Detector: DECTRIS Eiger2 X 9M
Distance: 130 – 975 mm
2Theta: 0 – 15°
Framing rate: 100 Hz
Resolution Calculator



Goniometer: ALIO (soc 1.2 µm)
Camera: on-axis visualizer
Fluorescence: Rontec X-Flash silicon drift detector (SDD)
Cryo: Oxford Instruments Cryogen
Modes: auto (unattended, queued jobs) or manual
Access: on-site, remote, mail-in


Robotics: ACTOR robot (Rigaku, GEN 4, continuous soak)
Capacity: 180 – 240 samples
Dewars: 3 (independently configurable), 5 pucks / dewar
Pucks: ACTOR pucks, Unipucks, ALS pucks
Centering: diffraction rastering with loop centering (auto or manual)


Pins: 18 mm; all metal base types


  • Molecular Dimensions: LithoLoop (round or mesh)
  • MiTeGen: MicroLoop (regular style), MicroCrystal Mount
  • Hampton Research: CryoLoop

Acceptable but not compatible with auto centering: Molecular Dimensions: LithoLoop (elliptical), MiTeGen: MicroMount, MicroLoop E, MicroMesh, MicroGripper



Storage: >60 TB
Processing: xds, autoPROC, mosflm, d*TREK
Analysis: crystallography software available

  • IBM Aspera (FASP) high-speed, encrypted
  • rsync
  • Globus

Structures collected at IMCA-CAT

Thumbnails are shown from the Protein Data Bank with the accession code. Representative models of unique structures are given but depositions with multiple ligands are not shown. The publically deposited data represents a fraction of the beamline output. 

Publications and structures by release year from IMCA-CAT data (word cloud from titles)

2023 (149 structures)


A total of 149 structures released in the PDB in 2023 (with the APS going dark for an upgrade)

  1. Small molecule branched-chain ketoacid dehydrogenase kinase (BDK) inhibitors with opposing effects on BDK protein levels. 8F5F8F5J8F5S. Roth Flach, R.J., Bollinger, E., Reyes, A.R., Laforest, B., Kormos, B.L., Liu, S., Reese, M.R., Martinez Alsina, L.A., Buzon, L., Zhang, Y., Bechle, B., Rosado, A., Sahasrabudhe, P.V., Knafels, J., Bhattacharya, S.K., Omoto, K., Stansfield, J.C., Hurley, L.D., Song, L., Luo, L., Breitkopf, S.B., Monetti, M., Cunio, T., Tierney, B., Geoly, F.J., Delmore, J., Siddall, C.P., Xue, L., Yip, K.N., Kalgutkar, A.S., Miller, R.A., Zhang, B.B., Filipski, K.J. (2023) Nat Commun 14: 4812-4812
  2. Macrocyclic Retinoic Acid Receptor-Related Orphan Receptor C2 Inverse Agonists. 8FAV8FB18FB2. Schnute, M.E., Trujillo, J.I., Lee, K.L., Unwalla, R., Vajdos, F.F., Kauppi, B., Nuhant, P., Flick, A.C., Crouse, K.K., Zhao, Y., Samuel, A., Lombardo, V., Taylor, A.P., Brault, A.L., Knafels, J.D., Vazquez, M.L., Berstein, G. (2023) ACS Med Chem Lett 14: 191-198
  3. Discovery of 2-(Anilino)pyrimidine-4-carboxamides as Highly Potent, Selective, and Orally Active Glycogen Synthase Kinase-3 (GSK-3) Inhibitors. 8FF8 .Hartz, R.A., Ahuja, V.T., Luo, G., Chen, L., Sivaprakasam, P., Xiao, H., Krause, C.M., Clarke, W.J., Xu, S., Tokarski, J.S., Kish, K., Lewis, H., Szapiel, N., Ravirala, R., Mutalik, S., Nakmode, D., Shah, D., Burton, C.R., Macor, J.E., Dubowchik, G.M. (2023) J Med Chem 66: 7534-7552
  4. Pseudomonas aeruginosa Dps (PA0962) Functions in H 2 O 2 Mediated Oxidative Stress Defense and Exhibits In Vitro DNA Cleaving Activity. 8FF98FFA8FFB8FFC8FFD . Rajapaksha, N., Soldano, A., Yao, H., Donnarumma, F., Kashipathy, M.M., Seibold, S., Battaile, K.P., Lovell, S., Rivera, M. (2023) Int J Mol Sci 24
  5. Design and Synthesis of Functionally Active 5-Amino-6-Aryl Pyrrolopyrimidine Inhibitors of Hematopoietic Progenitor Kinase 1. 8FH48FJZ8FKO8FP18FP3.Gallego, R.A., Bernier, L., Chen, H., Cho-Schultz, S., Chung, L., Collins, M., Del Bel, M., Elleraas, J., Costa Jones, C., Cronin, C.N., Edwards, M., Fang, X., Fisher, T., He, M., Hoffman, J., Huo, R., Jalaie, M., Johnson, E., Johnson, T.W., Kania, R.S., Kraus, M., Lafontaine, J., Le, P., Liu, T., Maestre, M., Matthews, J., McTigue, M., Miller, N., Mu, Q., Qin, X., Ren, S., Richardson, P., Rohner, A., Sach, N., Shao, L., Smith, G., Su, R., Sun, B., Timofeevski, S., Tran, P., Wang, S., Wang, W., Zhou, R., Zhu, J., Nair, S.K. (2023) J Med Chem 66: 4888-4909.
  6. Histidine Protonation and Conformational Switching in Diphtheria Toxin Translocation Domain. 8G0F8G0G.Rodnin, M.V., Vasques-Montes, V., Kyrychenko, A., Oliveira, N.F.B., Kashipathy, M.M., Battaile, K.P., Douglas, J., Lovell, S., Machuqueiro, M., Ladokhin, A.S. (2023) Toxins (Basel) 15.
  7. Histidine-51 facilitates deprotonation of the zinc-bound ligand during catalysis by horse liver alcohol dehydrogenase. 8G4V. Plapp, B.V., Kovaleva, E.G. To be publshed.
  8. Structural basis of lipid-droplet localization of 17-beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase 13. 8G848G898G938G9V.Liu, S., Sommese, R.F., Nedoma, N.L., Stevens, L.M., Dutra, J.K., Zhang, L., Edmonds, D.J., Wang, Y., Garnsey, M., Clasquin, M.F. (2023) Nat Commun 14: 5158-5158
  9. Molecular insights into recognition of GUCY2C by T-cell engaging bispecific antibody anti-GUCY2CxCD3. 8GHO8GHP.Rampuria, P., Mosyak, L., Root, A.R., Svenson, K., Agostino, M.J., LaVallie, E.R. (2023) Sci Rep 13: 13408-13408
  10. Structural insights into the unique recognition module between alpha-synuclein peptide and nanobody. 8JJV8JLY.Islam, Z., Vaikath, N.N., Hmila, I., El-Agnaf, O.M.A., Kolatkar, P.R. (2023) Protein Sci : e4875-e4875
  11. Development of small molecule inhibitors of natural killer group 2D receptor (NKG2D). 8SE58SE6. Wang, J., Nakafuku, K.M., Ziff, J., Gelin, C.F., Gholami, H., Thompson, A.A., Karpowich, N.K., Limon, L., Coate, H.R., Damm-Ganamet, K.L., Shih, A.Y., Grant, J.C., Cote, M., Mak, P.A., Pascual, H.A., Rives, M.L., Edwards, J.P., Venable, J.D., Venkatesan, H., Shi, Z., Allen, S.J., Sharma, S., Kung, P.P., Shireman, B.T.
    (2023) Bioorg Med Chem Lett 96: 129492-129492
  12. Co-opting the E3 ligase KLHDC2 for targeted protein degradation by small molecules. 8SGE8SGF8SH2. Hickey, C.M., Digianantonio, K.M., Zimmermann, K., Harbin, A., Quinn, C., Patel, A., Gareiss, P., Chapman, A., Tiberi, B., Dobrodziej, J., Corradi, J., Cacace, A.M., Langley, D.R., Bekes, M. (2024) Nat Struct Mol Biol
  13. Discovery of MK-1468: A Potent, Kinome-Selective, Brain-Penetrant Amidoisoquinoline LRRK2 Inhibitor for the Potential Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease. 8SIV8SIW8SIX. Kattar, S.D., Gulati, A., Margrey, K.A., Keylor, M.H., Ardolino, M., Yan, X., Johnson, R., Palte, R.L., McMinn, S.E., Nogle, L., Su, J., Xiao, D., Piesvaux, J., Lee, S., Hegde, L.G., Woodhouse, J.D., Faltus, R., Moy, L.Y., Xiong, T., Ciaccio, P.J., Pearson, K., Patel, M., Otte, K.M., Leyns, C.E.G., Kennedy, M.E., Bennett, D.J., DiMauro, E.F., Fell, M.J., Fuller, P.H. (2023) J Med Chem 66: 14912-14927.
  14. Discovery and multimerization of cross-reactive single-domain antibodies against SARS-like viruses to enhance potency and address emerging SARS-CoV-2 variants. 8SK5. Hollingsworth, S.A., Noland, C.L., Vroom, K., Saha, A., Sam, M., Gao, Q., Zhou, H., Grandy, D.U., Singh, S., Wen, Z., Warren, C., Ma, X.S., Malashock, D., Galli, J., Go, G., Eddins, M., Mayhood, T., Sathiyamoorthy, K., Fridman, A., Raoufi, F., Gomez-Llorente, Y., Patridge, A., Tang, Y., Chen, S.J., Bailly, M., Ji, C., Kingsley, L.J., Cheng, A.C., Geierstanger, B.H., Gorman, D.M., Zhang, L., Pande, K. (2023) Sci Rep 13: 13668-13668.
  15. Discovery of Potent Pyrazoline-Based Covalent SARS-CoV-2 Main Protease Inhibitors. 8SK4, 8SKH. Moon, P., Zammit, C.M., Shao, Q., Dovala, D., Boike, L., Henning, N.J., Knapp, M., Spradlin, J.N., Ward, C.C., Wolleb, H., Fuller, D., Blake, G., Murphy, J.P., Wang, F., Lu, Y., Moquin, S.A., Tandeske, L., Hesse, M.J., McKenna, J.M., Tallarico, J.A., Schirle, M., Toste, F.D., Nomura, D.K. (2023) Chembiochem 24: e202300116-e202300116.
  16. Biophysical characterization of PVR family interactions and therapeutic antibody recognition to TIGIT. 8SZY. Diong, S.J., Jashnani, A., Drake, A.W., Bee, C., Findeisen, F., Dollinger, G., Wang, F., Rajpal, A., Strop, P., Lee, P.S. (2023) MAbs 15: 2253788-2253788.
  17. Identification of GDC-1971 (RLY-1971), a SHP2 Inhibitor Designed for the Treatment of Solid Tumors. 8T6D8T6G8T7Q8T8Q. Taylor, A.M., Williams, B.R., Giordanetto, F., Kelley, E.H., Lescarbeau, A., Shortsleeves, K., Tang, Y., Walters, W.P., Arrazate, A., Bowman, C., Brophy, E., Chan, E.W., Deshmukh, G., Greisman, J.B., Hunsaker, T.L., Kipp, D.R., Saenz Lopez-Larrocha, P., Maddalo, D., Martin, I.J., Maragakis, P., Merchant, M., Murcko, M., Nisonoff, H., Nguyen, V., Nguyen, V., Orozco, O., Owen, C., Pierce, L., Schmidt, M., Shaw, D.E., Smith, S., Therrien, E., Tran, J.C., Watters, J., Waters, N.J., Wilbur, J., Willmore, L. (2023) J Med Chem 66: 13384-13399.
  18. Structural characterization of M8C10, a neutralizing antibody targeting a highly conserved prefusion-specific epitope on the metapneumovirus fusion trimerization interface. 8T9Z. Xiao, X., Wen, Z., Chen, Q., Shipman, J.M., Kostas, J., Reid, J.C., Warren, C., Tang, A., Luo, B., O’Donnell, G., Fridman, A., Chen, Z., Vora, K.A., Zhang, L., Su, H.-P., Eddins, M.J. (2023) J Virol 97: e0105223-e0105223.
  19. Targeting the Tyrosine Kinase 2 (TYK2) Pseudokinase Domain: Discovery of the Selective TYK2 Inhibitor ABBV-712. 8TB5, 8TB6, Breinlinger, E., Van Epps, S., Friedman, M., Argiriadi, M., Chien, E., Chhor, G., Cowart, M., Dunstan, T., Graff, C., Hardee, D., Herold, J.M., Little, A., McCarthy, R., Parmentier, J., Perham, M., Qiu, W., Schrimpf, M., Vargo, T., Webster, M.P., Wu, F., Bennett, D., Edmunds, J. (2023) J Med Chem 66: 14335-14356.
  20. The N-terminal intrinsically disordered region of Ncb5or docks with the cytochrome b 5 core to form a helical motif that is of ancient origin. 8TGB. Benson, D.R., Deng, B., Kashipathy, M.M., Lovell, S., Battaile, K.P., Cooper, A., Gao, P., Fenton, A.W., Zhu, H. (2023) Proteins 
  21. Discovery and clinical proof-of-concept of RLY-2608, a first-in-class mutant-selective allosteric PI3Ka inhibitor that decouples anti-tumor activity from hyperinsulinemia. 8TS7, 8TS8, 8TS9, 8TSA, 8TSB, 8TSC, 8TSD, 8TU6. Holliday, M., Tang, Y., Bulku, A., Wilbur, J., Fraser, J. (2023) Cancer Discov.
  22. Structure-Based Design and Synthesis of Potent and Selective KRAS G12D Inhibitors.. 8TXH, 8TXG, 8TXE. Cheng, H., Li, P., Chen, P., Irimia, A., Bae, J.H., Brooun, A., Fagan, P., Lam, R., Lin, B., Zhang, J., Zhan, X., Wu, X., Xie, N., Chiang, G., Shoemaker, R., Vernier, J.M. ACS Med Chem Lett 14: 1351-1357.
  23. Identification of highly selective SIK1/2 inhibitors that modulate innate immune activation and suppress intestinal inflammation.. 8TXY. Babbe, H., Sundberg, T.B., Tichenor, M., Seierstad, M., Bacani, G., Berstler, J., Chai, W., Chang, L., Chung, M., Coe, K., Collins, B., Finley, M., Guletsky, A., Lemke, C.T., Mak, P.A., Mathur, A., Mercado-Marin, E.V., Metkar, S., Raymond, D.D., Rives, M.L., Rizzolio, M., Shaffer, P.L., Smith, R., Smith, J., Steele, R., Steffens, H., Suarez, J., Tian, G., Majewski, N., Volak, L.P., Wei, J., Desai, P.T., Ong, L.L., Koudriakova, T., Goldberg, S.D., Hirst, G., Kaushik, V.K., Ort, T., Seth, N., Graham, D.B., Plevy, S., Venable, J.D., Xavier, R.J., Towne, J.E. (2024) Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 121: e2307086120-e2307086120.
  24. Structural and biophysical comparisons of the pomalidomide- and CC-220-induced interactions of SALL4 with cereblon.. 8U17, 8U16, 8U15. Ma, X., Leon, B., Ornelas, E., Dovala, D., Tandeske, L., Luu, C., Pardee, G., Widger, S., Solomon, J.M., Beckwith, R.E.J., Moser, H., Clifton, M.C., Wartchow, C.A. (2023) Sci Rep 13: 22088-22088.
  25. Discovery of Darovasertib (NVP-LXS196), a Pan-PKC Inhibitor for the Treatment of Metastatic Uveal Melanoma. 8UAK, 8U37, 8U37. Visser, M., Papillon, J.P.N., Luzzio, M., LaMarche, M.J., Fan, J., Michael, W., Wang, D., Zhang, A., Straub, C., Mathieu, S., Kato, M., Palermo, M., Chen, C., Ramsey, T., Joud, C., Barrett, R., Vattay, A., Guo, R., Bric, A., Chung, F., Liang, G., Romanowski, M.J., Lam, J., Thohan, S., Atassi, F., Wylie, A., Cooke, V.G. (2024) J Med Chem.

2022 (184 structures)


A total of 184 structures released in the PDB in 2022

  1. Tim-3 mediates T cell trogocytosis to limit antitumor immunity. 7KQL, Pagliano, O., Morrison, R.M., Chauvin, J.M., Banerjee, H., Davar, D., Ding, Q., Tanegashima, T., Gao, W., Chakka, S.R., DeBlasio, R., Lowin, A., Kara, K., Ka, M., Zidi, B., Amin, R., Raphael, I., Zhang, S., Watkins, S.C., Sander, C., Kirkwood, J.M., Bosenberg, M., Anderson, A.C., Kuchroo, V.K., Kane, L.P., Korman, A.J., Rajpal, A., West, S.M., Han, M., Bee, C., Deng, X., Schebye, X.M., Strop, P., Zarour, H.M. (2022). J Clin Invest. 132.
  2. An anti-PD-1-GITR-L bispecific agonist induces GITR clustering-mediated T cell activation for cancer immunotherapy. 7LAW. Chan, S., Belmar, N., Ho, S., Rogers, B., Stickler, M., Graham, M., Lee, E., Tran, N., Zhang, D., Gupta, P., Sho, M., MacDonough, T., Woolley, A., Kim, H., Zhang, H., Liu, W., Zheng, P., Dezso, Z., Halliwill, K., Ceccarelli, M., Rhodes, S., Thakur, A., Forsyth, C.M., Xiong, M., Tan, S.S., Iyer, R., Lake, M., Digiammarino, E., Zhou, L., Bigelow, L., Longenecker, K., Judge, R.A., Liu, C., Trumble, M., Remis, J.P., Fox, M., Cairns, B., Akamatsu, Y., Hollenbaugh, D., Harding, F., Alvarez, H.M. (2022) Nat Cancer. 3, 337-354.
  3. Discovery of OICR12694: A Novel, Potent, Selective, and Orally Bioavailable BCL6 BTB Inhibitor. 7LWE, 7LWF. 7LWG. 7LZS. Mamai, A., Chau, A.M., Wilson, B.J., Watson, I.D., Joseph, B.B., Subramanian, P.R., Morshed, M.M., Morin, J.A., Prakesch, M.A., Lu, T., Connolly, P., Kuntz, D.A., Pomroy, N.C., Poda, G., Nguyen, K., Marcellus, R., Strathdee, G., Theriault, B., Subramaniam, R., Mohammed, M., Abibi, A., Chan, M., Winston, J., Kiyota, T., Undzys, E., Aman, A., Austin, N., Du Jardin, M., Packman, K., Phillippar, U., Attar, R., Edwards, J., O’Meara, J., Uehling, D.E., Al-Awar, R., Prive, G.G., Isaac, M.B. (2023) ACS Med Chem Lett ACS Med Chem Lett. 14, 199-210.
  4. A kinase-cGAS cascade to synthesize a therapeutic STING activator. 7MHC. McIntosh, J.A., Liu, Z., Andresen, B.M., Marzijarani, N.S., Moore, J.C., Marshall, N.M., Borra-Garske, M., Obligacion, J.V., Fier, P.S., Peng, F., Forstater, J.H., Winston, M.S., An, C., Chang, W., Lim, J., Huffman, M.A., Miller, S.P., Tsay, F.R., Altman, M.D., Lesburg, C.A., Steinhuebel, D., Trotter, B.W., Cumming, J.N., Northrup, A., Bu, X., Mann, B.F., Biba, M., Hiraga, K., Murphy, G.S., Kolev, J.N., Makarewicz, A., Pan, W., Farasat, I., Bade, R.S., Stone, K., Duan, D., Alvizo, O., Adpressa, D., Guetschow, E., Hoyt, E., Regalado, E.L., Castro, S., Rivera, N., Smith, J.P., Wang, F., Crespo, A., Verma, D., Axnanda, S., Dance, Z.E.X., Devine, P.N., Tschaen, D., Canada, K.A., Bulger, P.G., Sherry, B.D., Truppo, M.D., Ruck, R.T., Campeau, L.C., Bennett, D.J., Humphrey, G.R., Campos, K.R., Maddess, M.L. (2022) Nature, 603, 439-444.
  5. The structure of succinyl-CoA synthetase bound to the succinyl-phosphate intermediate clarifies the catalytic mechanism of ATP-citrate lyase. 7MSR, 7MSS, 7MST. Huang, J., Fraser, M.E. (2022) Acta Crystallogr F Struct Biol Commun. 78, 363-370.
  6. Identification and optimisation of a pyrimidopyridone series of IRAK4 inhibitors. 7QG1. Cumming, I.A., Degorce, S.L., Aagaard, A., Braybrooke, E.L., Davies, N.L., Diene, C.R., Eatherton, A.J., Felstead, H.R., Groombridge, S.D., Lenz, E.M., Li, Y., Nai, Y., Pearson, S., Robb, G.R., Scott, J.S., Steward, O.R., Wu, C., Xue, Y., Zhang, L., Zhang, Y. (2022) Bioorg Med Chem. 63, 116729-116729.
  7. Analysis of lorlatinib analogs reveals a roadmap for targeting diverse compound resistance mutations in ALK-positive lung cancer. 7R7K
    7R7R. Shiba-Ishii, A., Johnson, T.W., Dagogo-Jack, I., Mino-Kenudson, M., Johnson, T.R., Wei, P., Weinrich, S.L., McTigue, M.A., Walcott, M.A., Nguyen-Phuong, L., Dionne, K., Acker, A., Kiedrowski, L.A., Do, A., Peterson, J.L., Barth, J.L., Yeap, B.Y., Gainor, J.F., Lin, J.J., Yoda, S., Hata, A.N. (2022) Nat Cancer 3, 710-722.
  8. Identification of 2-Pyridinylindole-Based Dual Antagonists of Toll-like Receptors 7 and 8 (TLR7/8). 7RC9. Sreekantha, R.K., Mussari, C.P., Dodd, D.S., Pasunoori, L., Hegde, S., Posy, S.L., Critton, D., Ruepp, S., Subramanian, M., Salter-Cid, L.M., Tagore, D.M., Sarodaya, S., Dudhgaonkar, S., Poss, M.A., Schieven, G.L., Carter, P.H., Macor, J.E., Dyckman, A.J. ACS Med Chem Lett. 13, 812-818.
  9. Bicyclic Heterocyclic Replacement of an Aryl Amide Leading to Potent and Kinase-Selective Adaptor Protein 2-Associated Kinase 1 Inhibitors. 7RJ6, 7RJ7, 7RJ8. (2022) J Med Chem. 65, 4121-4155.
  10. Structural Characterization of the Human Cytosolic Malate Dehydrogenase I. 7RM9. McCue, W.M., Finzel, B.C. ACS Omega 7, 207-214.
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2021 (131 structures)

 A total of 131 structures released in the PDB in 2021

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2020 (140 structures)

A total of 140 structures deposited in the PDB in 2020

  1. Crystal Structure and Characterization of Human Heavy-Chain Only Antibodies Reveals a Novel, Stable Dimeric Structure Similar to Monoclonal Antibodies. 7KQY. Mieczkowski, C., Bahmanjah, S., Yu, Y., Baker, J., Raghunathan, G., Tomazela, D., Hsieh, M., McCoy, M., Strickland, C., Fayadat-Dilman, L. Antibodies (Basel) 9 (2020).
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  13. Discovery and structure activity relationships of 7-benzyl triazolopyridines as stable, selective, and reversible inhibitors of myeloperoxidase. PDB 6WY0, 6WY5, 6WY7, 6WYD, 6WXZ, Shaw, S.A., Vokits, B.P., Dilger, A.K., Viet, A., Clark, C.G., Abell, L.M., Locke, G.A., Duke, G., Kopcho, L.M., Dongre, A., Gao, J., Krishnakumar, A., Jusuf, S., Khan, J., Spronk, S.A., Basso, M.D., Zhao, L., Cantor, G.H., Onorato, J.M., Wexler, R.R., Duclos, F., Kick, E.K. Bioorg Med Chem
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2019 (85 structures)

A total of 85 structures released in the PDB in 2019

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2018 (128 structures)

A total of 128 structures released in the PDB in 2018

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