Research Facilities

Laboratory Spaces

Our laboratories are well-equipped with instrumentation for cloning, expression and purification of biological samples, including incubators, centrifuges, freezers, balances, HPLC, several FPLC systems, differential scanning fluorimeter, and UV-Vis spectrophotometers. We have recently installed a Bruker EMXplus CW X-band EPR instrument.  A radiation facility houses a HPLC and liquid scintillation counter. Instrumentation is shared between individual investigators so investment in any single instrument benefits the science at the institute as a whole.

High-Throughput Crystallization Screening Center

The High-Throughput Crystallization Screening Center (HTCSC) is a core facility for determining initial crystallization conditions, providing rapid screening of 1,536 chemical crystallization conditions. Instrumentation includes Thermo Scientific Matrix PlateMates (3) and Hydra DT liquid handling systems, as well as a Robbins Scientific Tango liquid handling system, for generation of crystallization plates. We have custom constructed imaging tables and a Formulatrix Rock Imager 1000 with SONICC and UV-TPEF, and a robust imaging schedule for automated imaging. See for details on using the HTCSC.

X-ray Facilities

X-Ray diffraction facilities include a high-flux rotating anode generator with focusing optics and a CCD detector. A cryogenic cooling stream is available. The laboratory facilities are supplemented by the availability of time at National Laboratories including Brookhaven National Laboratories, Argonne National Laboratory, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center and the Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source. Institute scientists use facilities at all these laboratories and the laboratory runs the IMCA beamline on the Advanced Photon Source at Argonne National Laboratory. Beamtime is available on the IMCA beamline through a subscription process. Scientists also collect SAXS data in Stanford and neutron data at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.