High-Throughput Crystallization Screening Center

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The High-Throughput Crystallization Screening Center performs crystal-growth screening experiments in 1,536-well microassay plates for both soluble and membrane biological macromolecules. You send the sample, we do the rest.

Crystallization Center Announcements

September & October 2020 (updated 9/17/2020)

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the HWI structural biology team is active and able to support your scientific efforts in confronting this threat.

We are happy to announce the Crystallization Center will have two September 2020 protein crystallization screening runs for all soluble protein samples, a membrane screening run, and an extended October soluble protein run!

September Deadlines & Dates

Sept Soluble Run #2

  • Reservation Deadline:  Fri Sept 18th
  • Package Acceptance:  Tues Sept 22nd – Wed Sept 30th
  • Plate Setup: Tues Sept 22nd – Thurs Sept 24th                                  

                        & Mon Sept 28th – Wed Sept 30th

Sept Membrane Run

  • Reservation Deadline:  Fri Sept 25th
  • Package Acceptance & Plate Setup: Tues Sept 29th – Thurs Oct 1st

October Deadlines & Dates

Oct Soluble Run

  • Reservation Deadline:  Mon Oct 12th
  • Package Acceptance:  Wed Oct 13th – Thurs Oct 29th
  • Plate Setup: Wed Oct 13th – Thurs Oct 14th                                  

                        & Mon Oct 19th – Thurs Oct 22nd            

                       & Mon Oct 26th – Thurs Oct 29th

Please note samples will not be set up for screening on Fridays

The HWI Crystallization Center is also operating for crystallization screening for COVID-19 related structural work (non-infectious samples).  We are offering access to resources for critical research related to SARS-CoV-2 structural biology work.

For coronavirus related samples, we continue to enable rapid, efficient, mail-in screening for crystallization conditions using minimal sample volumes. Please email sbowman@hwi.buffalo.edu or htslab@hwi.buffalo.edu for information regarding these options.

Stay healthy!

Sending a sample? After you’ve gotten confirmation from us, please use this address to ship your sample:
High-Throughput Crystallization Screening Center
700 Ellicott Street
Buffalo, NY 14203

How It Works:

From February 2000, the laboratory has been used to set up over 25 million crystallization experiments on more than 17,000 biological macromolecules. Nearly 2,000 laboratories worldwide have used and benefited from the service.

  • At the Crystallization Center 1,536 different chemical conditions are sampled representing many of the commercially available crystallization screens. Each condition is imaged visually over a period of six weeks. Second Order Non-linear Imaging of Chiral Crystals (SONICC) and UV Two Photon Excited Fluorescence (UV-TPEF) imaging of crystallization screening also take place to identify biological crystals not picked up visually or those obscured by precipitate.
  • Color images, and SONICC and UV-TPEF images are integrated with the analysis software provided as part of the service. Lead crystallization conditions can be identified and the complete set of results used to analyze the samples solubility phase diagram.
  • Current list of crystallization cocktails.

Crystallization Center Policies and User Fees

Commercial users please inquire about using the Crystallization Center by emailing sbowman@hwi.buffalo.edu or check us out on Science Exchange or scientist.com.

Successful screening of SARS-CoV-2 protein samples at the Crystallization Center!

New at HWI Crystallization Center!

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MacroscopeJ and Catalina macOS

MacroscopeJ for macOS is a 32 bit app and, starting with Catalina, no longer supported by macOS.

We are currently working on a new release which will be fully supported on Catalina.

The new version of MacroscopeJ is in your ftp folder when you transfer your images – please let us know how it is working!

Accessing your images via the ftp server.

  • Because of recent changes for both Mac and Windows OS, we recommend using FileZilla to access and transfer images from the ftp server, as it works across platforms.
  • For more details: Analyze Your Results

Online submission form

In May 2018 we started using an online submission form.

  • To make a reservation, please email htslab@hwi.buffalo.edu by the reservation deadline (see above for current dates) to reserve a space in the queue.  Include the following information in your reservation email:
  1. User name and contact information
  2. PI/Institution name and contact information
  3. Number of samples you will be sending, as well as approximate date you will be shipping the sample(s)
  • You will receive an email confirmation from us for your reservation.  Once your sample is ready to ship, please fill out the online submission form including payment information.