Featuring our new crystal hunting software – MARCO Polo!  Explore your crystallization parameter space with MARCO Polo! Open-source and on GitHub – available to download: https://hauptman-woodward.github.io/Marco_Polo/

MARCO Polo implements the MAchine Recognition of Crystallization Outcomes (MARCO) and interfaces directly with our high-throughput 1,536 crystallization screening images and metadata from the Crystallization Center.

Great work by NSF BioXFEL STC summer research intern Ethan Holleman, who started on this idea while interning at IMCA-CAT at APS with Lisa Keefe and Erica Duguid, and created the GUI during the summer of 2020 working with Sarah Bowman.  

Also check out the paper on MARCO Polo: Holleman, ET, et al. (2021) Polo: an open-source graphical user interface for crystallization screening. J. Appl. Cryst. 54, 673-679.

Supported by NSF BioXFEL STC Grant Number 1231306, NSF BIO 2029943, NIH R24 GM124135