Crystals of the Month March 2022!

Excited to feature a recent publication by HTX Center users in the Izard Lab at Scripps as Crystals of the Month!

We used over 1000 commercially available crystallization screens … to attempt to grow … crystals but our efforts were unsuccessful. Thus, we resorted to the high-throughput crystallization screening facility at the Hauptman-Woodward Medical Research Institute. Out of the 1536 crystallization conditions that were screened, crystals appeared from 500 mM imidazole (pH 6.5) and 15% (w/v) polyethylene glycol 3350 using the micro batch-under-oil method. We adapted this condition from the micro batch-under-oil method for hanging drop vapor diffusion … to grow crystals that diffracted X-ray beyond 1.6 Å Bragg spacings.

Check out the paper: