Accelerating Discovery

The Hauptman-Woodward Medical Research Institute offers a range of Structural Services to academic and industrial partners including single-particle cryo-EM, microcrystal-electron diffraction, crystallization screening, and synchrotron X-ray data collection. Our philosophy is to provide industry level capabilities at the highest standards for quality, reliability, efficiency, and productivity while providing confidentiality and expert support for challenging experiments. We want you to be successful and to enable that by providing cost-effective access to world-class research capabilities to maintain competitiveness.

Accelerate your research: The benefits of HWI services


  • Expert staff – Decades of combined experience and knowledge to support projects
  • State-of-the art instrumentation – Access to systems otherwise unaffordable individually
  • Timely access – Data when you need it with regular scheduling and priority access
  • Unparalleled services – Unique application and techniques
  • Pioneering – Developing new knowledge and technologies
  • Experienced – Working with industry and academia for over two decades

See our poster describing our services

A list of Structural Biology Resources is available for those who want to explore complementary techniques and gain understanding and practical knowledge to help their research.


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