We are grateful to the James H. Cummings Foundation for funding Drs. Sarah Bowman, Miranda Lynch, Diana Monteiro, and Aviv Paz to purchase an anaerobic chamber. Some samples we work with are extremely sensitive to oxygen in the air and this chamber will allow us to work with these samples in a sealed environment with no oxygen present. This empowers our work on metal-containing proteins that are sensitive to oxygen, and are significant targets for developing new antibiotics and antifungal drugs. This area of research is recognized by the World Health Organization as critical to combat drug resistance increasingly seen in infections.

HWI is a hub for structural biology in the region and nation and uses state-of-the-art approaches and instrumentation to study protein structure and function. The anaerobic chamber is the latest new instrument keeping us at the cutting-edge and expanding institute-wide research.

Thank you again to the James H. Cummings Foundation!