Our Education and Diversity Director Nicole Terranova organized two workshops for BioXFEL (Biology with X-ray Free Electron Lasers) in Puerto Rico – one in Mayaguez (Feb 5-6) and the other in San Juan (Feb 7-8). HWI scientists Drs. Gabby Budziszewski and Edward Snell were joined by collaborators from Arizona State University and Stanford Linear Accelerator Center to present a day of talks, followed by a day of practical workshops at each location aimed at visualizing the 3D structures of molecules involved in life’s processes. Discussions took place about local projects and how to leverage them with national capabilities. Over 30 Puerto Rico students and lecturers participated at each of the workshops. Students made use of the Crystallization Center at HWI to get crystals before the workshop, learned about that process and data collection, and will participate in collecting data remotely at the Stanford Synchrotron.

This is a prime example of the Institute’s educational vision making powerful use of existing collaborations and our impact nationally and internationally.