We congratulate both Dr. Lisa Keefe for being elected as the new Vice Chair and Dr. Sarah Bowman for being elected as a member of the US National Committee for Crystallography (USNC/Cr). The USNC/Cr represents U.S. crystallographers in the International Union of Crystallography (IUCr) through the National Academy of Sciences, promoting the advancement of the science of crystallography in the United States and throughout the world and maintaining high scientific standards nationally. The committee works to inform crystallographers in the US about international initiatives, serves as an advisory panel on international matters to the president of the National Academy of Sciences, and represents the US internationally. It nominates and elects new members.  Dr. Keefe will serve a three-year term as Vice Chair and then become Chair of the Committee.  Dr. Bowman will serve as a Committee Member for a three-year term.

Representation by HWI and IMCA-CAT scientists on this committee underscores the recognition of our scientific impact and leadership in the field of structural biology. The committee represents all aspects of crystallography across a broad range of disciplines demonstrating the impact of structural science not only in health, but across the scientific and economic spectrum. Well done to both.