The Acehan Lab

Research interests include development of single particle and tomography cryogenic electron microscopy methods for challenging samples. In particular, the research lab is interested in finding ways to improve three-dimensional models for low copy number biological structures within cells. Also, in collaboration with Dr. Sarah Bowman, the Director of the National Crystallization Center, we aim to increase success rates of micro-crystal electron diffraction experiments. At the Cryo Electron Microscopy Center, we provide high throughput screening and data collection for biological samples from many research groups.


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  • Bilkent University, Physics, B.S.

  • Boston University, Biophysics, Ph.D.

  • New York University, Structural Biology, Postdoctoral Fellow


Devrim Acehan, Ph.D.
Associate Research Scientist
Hauptman-Woodward Medical Research Institute

T: 716.898.8660