Stafford Fellowship

The Stafford Fellowship was established by Emeritus HWI board chair, Constance Stafford Constantine, as part of Hauptman-Woodward’s plan to support young scientists. Mrs. Constantine is the granddaughter of Helen Woodward Rivas, Hauptman-Woodward’s founding benefactor.  The fellowship was funded by the Constance W. Stafford Trust (trustees: Walter F. Stafford III, Reid W. Stafford, Constance S. Constantine and Robert Plache), Walter & Sue Stafford, William and Margaret Constantine, and Walter and Constance Constantine. 

The seed funding provides support for graduate student fellows using the earnings from the endowed fund.  The Staffords and Constantines have been lifelong supporters of HWI’s research and active participants in the business of advancing HWI. In fact, Connie Constantine served for many years on HWI’s board in various capacities including a term as Chair of the Board. Walter Stafford, who is a retired scientist from the Boston Biomedical Research Institute, currently is a member of HWI’s Board of Scientific Advisors.

Donors who provide funds for endowments such as the Stafford Fellow Program receive satisfaction from the knowledge that their funds live on by providing ongoing funding to help support educating future scientists. 

The Stafford Fellowship is a permanent endowment.
For more information on how you can partner with this fund and support graduate education at HWI,
please contact Mike Madonia at 716.898.8636 or email:

Former Stafford Fellows:

Robert Huether PhD,   Graduated 2011,  Mentor:  William Duax, PhD
Kevin Maharaj PhD,   Graduated 2012,  Mentor:  Daniel Gewirth, PhD
Carter Mitchell PhD,   Graduated 2013,  Mentor:  Andrew Gulick, PhD
Kristin Sutton PhD,    Graduated 2013,  Mentor:  Edward Snell, PhD
Paul Seidler PhD,     Graduated 2014,  Mentor:  Daniel Gewirth, PhD
Brad Miller PhD,      Graduated 2016,  Mentor:  Andrew Gulick, PhD