My Interests

My training is in medicinal chemistry and mechanistic enzymology. I have a broad background as well in molecular biology and biochemistry, and more recently, in protein crystallography. Part of my current interest is in dissecting the mechanistic basis for selective inhibitor binding to Hsp90 chaperones, focusing on correlating structural data from recent structures I have determined with isothermal titration calorimetry binding assay measurements. I have also led the Gewirth lab effort in understanding the basis for inhibitor binding to the Androgen receptor DNA binding domain. Both of these projects dovetail well with my overall interest in developing novel therapeutic approaches to cancers and other diseases.

The Team I Am On

I am a staff scientist in the laboratory of Dr. Dan Gewirth. In addition to my own research projects, I work closely with graduate students and technicians in the lab, providing day-to-day advice and guidance.


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Nanette Que, PhD
T: 716 898 8677