Our Goal

Our work at IMCA-CAT and HWI seeks to accelerate drug discovery research by developing and operating a state-of-the-art, industry-funded structural biology synchrotron beamline optimized for high-throughput macromolecular crystallography serving the pharmaceutical industry.

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A Deeper Understanding

IMCA-CAT is a structural biology research facility for pharmaceutical drug discovery programs. It was established in 1992 to design, build, and operate a research facility at the Advanced Photon Source, a high energy synchrotron X-ray source at Argonne National Laboratory. Today, IMCA-CAT operates a state-of-the-art insertion device beamline for confidential and proprietary macromolecular crystallography experiments. To meet the demands of the pharmaceutical industry, IMCA-CAT is optimized for high-throughput data acquisition, is committed to generating the highest quality X-ray diffraction data, provides reliable access for proprietary research, ensures maximum efficiency, and invests in the facility to remain at the technical forefront for pharmaceutical research in structural biology.


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