Policies and User Fees

Our goal is to provide access to expertise, equipment and technology to facilitate crystallization of biological macromolecules. We are a non-profit organization and our fee structure has been determined to cover the minimum basic operating expenses of the Crystallization Center, including supplies, routine maintenance, software, and consumables.  We aim to have very low experimental error in delivery (under 5% and more typically < 1%).  The Crystallization Center provides access to cost-efficient high-throughput crystallization screening experiments for academic and other not-for-profit users.

Standard academic and not-for-profit user rates:

  • $400 for set up, imaging and software (billed after the sample has been set up)
    • Make a screening reservation by emailing htscenter@hwi.buffalo.edu by the reservation deadline
    • Complete submission form online
    • You get:
      • 1536 microbatch under oil crystallization screening experiments
      • Email notification and immediate access to color images*
        • Cocktail only, day 1, and at 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 weeks
      •  Email notification and access to images from a Formulatrix Imager 1000 with SONICC for SHG and UV-TPEF images.*
        • At 4 weeks (23 °C samples) or 6 weeks (4 °C or 14 °C samples)
        • *Actual read time may vary slightly and is dependent on availability of the system
      • Software to view, annotate and analyze images and associated chemical data

Commercial and proprietary users:

Please inquire about using the Crystallization Center by emailing sbowman@hwi.buffalo.edu for fees and details, or request a quote from us on Science Exchange or scientist.com.

Additional fees

We can often accommodate special requirements; however, additional services may involve additional fees. Please contact the Crystallization Center at htscenter@hwi.buffalo.edu for special requests and more details.


Information about samples and users received for crystallization screening will not be publicly disclosed without the written consent of the investigator(s).

The images obtained at the Crystallization Center may be used for grant applications to support the scientific research of the center, as well as in publications. Images will be de-identified from sample and user information unless consent has been given.

Citing the Crystallization Center

In the event that the Crystallization Center helps to identify crystallization conditions for your sample(s), please reference the appropriate screen and let us know so we can add you to our Structures Solved! list.

• Soluble Screen. Luft, JR, et al. A deliberate approach to screening for initial crystallization conditions of biological macromolecules. J. Struct. Biol. 2003; 142, 170.

• Membrane Screen. Koszelak-Rosenblum, M, et al. Determination and application of empirically derived detergent phase boundaries to effectively crystallize membrane proteins. Protein Science 2009; 18, 1828.

We request that, in the case of the Crystallization Center screening experiments being offered as part of other expert services through crystallization facilities at other institutions, that the Crystallization Center is acknowledged and our website www.getacrystal.com is linked on that facility website.