Herbert Hauptman Nobel Laureate Endowed Chair

Herbert H. Hauptman, Nobel Laureate

February 14, 1917 – October 23, 2011

Dr. Herbert Hauptman, a leader of the aptly named Hauptman–Woodward Institute, shared the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the application of pure mathematics to the solution of a practical and important problem. He created a new method in the field of x-ray crystallography that has had a profound impact on numerous disciplines and life-altering research worldwide.

Hauptman-Woodward seeks your help in continuing Dr. Hauptman’s rare and powerful approach to biomedical sciences through the establishment of the Herbert A. Hauptman Endowed Chair Fund. This fund will support the work of an outstanding scientist whose work, echoing that of Dr. Hauptman, bridges the gap between pure science and biomedicine.

Dr. Hauptman’s research would not have been possible without the support of generous individuals who believed in him and in HWI.  Please consider contributing to this fund and furthering Dr. Hauptman’s goals.  When you contribute to this fund, you can be assured that your support, just like Dr. Hauptman’s work, will have an impact on the lives of generations to come.

To make a gift, please contact Lisa Latrovata at llatrovata@hwi.buffalo.edu or mail your donation to The Herbert H. Hauptman Chair, 700 Ellicott Street, Buffalo, New York 14203 USA.