Duax High School Program

Ninth Annual Summer Workshop in Molecular Bioinformatics

In  2018 two three week summer schools will be held from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM five days a week. The dates for the two schools are June 25 to July 13 and July 30 to Aug 17.  We can accommodate 35 students in each session.

First time Students and teachers must complete an application form with four essay questions concerning their goals and motivations.  We have been accepting students from 7th to 12th grades and have not rejected anyone who completed the application.  There are no other prerequisites. Students will be accepted into the program in the order their completed application is received. If more than 50 applications are received it may not be possible to accommodate the overflow.

Description of Program

Training is computer intensive.  The students learn to use state of the art computer programs for amino and nucleic acid sequence analysis of the genomes of all bacteria and eukaryotes. The training includes the use of the most heavily used programs for biological analysis on the World Wide Web and a suite of unique programs developed in our laboratory for proteomic and genomic analysis. The students mine the data in the gene and protein banks of the world.

The four major goals of the research are to determine (1) the origin and evolution of the genetic code, (2) the order of evolution of all bacterial species, (3) the nature of evolution of the sequence and function of families of proteins present in all species, and (4) the amino acid residues responsible for substrate specificity in families of enzymes.

The students are not replicating previous experiments for which the results are already known.  They are conducting experiments that have never been done before, that challenge basic tenets of structural biology.  In this way students learn that genuine research demands flexibility, adaptability, creativity and patience.

The students are given opportunities to present their research goals and results and their interpretation of their data to coworkers, classmates, laymen, and scientists. The students are offered the opportunity to be fully qualified coauthors of abstracts published in the proceedings of scientific meetings and manuscripts submitted to scientific journals.  Qualified authorship requires that the student make significant contributions to the gathering and analysis of data critical to the publication and that the student has a full grasp of all details and aspects of the work and the manuscript.

The Roy Carver Foundation and donations from various supporters sponsor the high school program.

There is an attendance fee of $200.00 for the 2018 schools.

There is an application fee of $30.00 for the 2018 schools. If a student attends the program the $200 attendance fee will be reduced to $170. There is no parking available on site. Parking is the responsibility of the driver.