HWI Young Professional Spotlight

Ryan Sheehan, Gallagher

Ryan is a born and raised “Buffalonian”. Upon graduating from St. John Fisher College in 2012, Ryan began his career in Property & Casualty Insurance. This year, Ryan will be celebrating his tenth year with Gallagher (formerly M&T Insurance Agency). Ryan is committed to being a crucial part to the success of both his community and clients. Ryan enjoys all sports, being physically active, spending time with his family and pup, and despite having warm Buffalo blood, he’s at his happiest in the summertime.

Why were you interested in helping HWI?

Since joining HWI’s YP group in 2020, I’ve learned first-hand how the work done at HWI has a direct impact on all of us. Friends & family is what makes my life special. The cutting edge research gives me a sense of comfort knowing solutions are either here or being developed if or when disease hits close to home.

Why does research matter to you?

HWI’s team, procedures, and mission are unique in comparison to what most may think when they hear medical research. It’s less so the incredible research processes that matter to me, but more so how the research is used to improve the quality of life.