Research Administration Lecture Series

The Hauptman-Woodward Medical Research Institute (HWI) is an independent research institution aimed at understanding diseases and finding new cures. It was based on, Herbert Hauptman’s courage to challenge conventional wisdom in crystallography, while also changing the way scientists around the world study and develop drugs. HWI became the world famous institute through the vision of Dr. George Koepf and generosity of Helen Woodward Rivas.

Currently the institute includes scientists in multiple disciplines and describe our work as CURE•OSITY.
An incredible example of the supported research is the success of CRYO-EM. With proteins being the basic machinery of life, it is important we understand all everything about them, in case they malfunction. CRYO-EM creates a three – dimensional protein that will allows us to study malfunctions in proteins in more depth and then create a drug to correct the protein. For example, this research has dramatically impacted the study of Zika and Alzheimer’s cures.


HWI applies intellect every day to the goal of improving the health of others. Technology has taken a huge leap forward, and Cryo-EM instruments permit the study of life and disease like never before.

Thank you to all the attendees at the first of a four-part lecture series focused on all aspects of research administration.

The lecture series, sponsored by Bank of America, is being coordinated by the Hauptman-Woodward Institute with Buffalo State College and the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus to discuss the multitude of professional career avenues associated with research administration, professional development in the field and current critical topics for practitioners.

Special thanks to Buffalo State College for hosting this evening in the Jacqueline Vito LoRusso Alumni and Visitor Center.

Panelists represented Buffalo State, State University at Buffalo, Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, Jacobs Institute, Hauptman-Woodward Medical Research Institute and the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus.