HWI Young Professional Spotlight

Justin Piazza

Justin Piazza

While studying for my undergraduate degree at the University of Buffalo, I created Better Tomorrow of Buffalo, Inc. as a means to build a community of passionate, like-minded individuals who strive to create a positive change in their community. Being born and raised in Buffalo, the mindset of giving back to the community was ingrained at an early age. I began my charitable work at an early age where volunteering and creating fundraisers for the local hospitals became a huge element of my life.

Why were you interested in helping HWI?

Being able to work with HWI has provided an opportunity for me to enhance the passion for an area that has already had a huge impact on my life. From collaborating, to learning from all of these motivated individuals, it has inspired me to want to do more with the institute, and the community as a whole. With the medical research and the new, groundbreaking technology, HWI can impact our community for the greater good.

Why does research matter to you?

Research is important to me because it is the fuel to the fire that can enhance our lives in many ways. It becomes a huge element that as a result, has saved the lives of our very own loved ones. The fascinating part of medical research is that it is built around the presence of togetherness. People from all over will come together with similar mindsets to have major impacts on their own community.