Hauptman-Woodward Medical Research Institute honored the first recipients of the Cure*osity Awards that recognize the world-class community of talent at HWI and IMCA for their exceptional contributions to fulfilling its mission of improving health and well-being of humanity through structural biology.

Nominations are submitted internally throughout the year for the categories of: innovation, discovery, education, extraordinary effort, program development, impact, safety, diversity and inclusion and efficiency. All awardees are recognized with a certificate and merit award.

Recipients for the first awards were all recognized for their extraordinary effort during this pandemic. Congratulations to the HWI Chicago IMCA Team: Anne Mulichak, Joe Digilio, Erica Duguid, J. Lewis Muir, Jesse Yoder, Eric Zoellner, Lisa Keefe and Anne Kent for her role in IMCA operations. Congratulations also to the HWI Buffalo team members who were recognized which includes: Paul Koszelak, Steve McGregor, Angela Lauricella  and Deena Vanderbosch.