HWI Young Professional Spotlight

Eamon Riley, Assistant Vice President

Eamon Riley

Eamon became passionate about the link between the built environment and economic revitalization after moving here for college at the onset of Buffalo’s resurgence. Given this passion, Eamon pursued the dual Master of Urban Planning and Juris Doctor program at the University at Buffalo. This interdisciplinary course of study made him acutely aware of how development and the law interact, and has granted him a wide-breadth of experience spanning many facets of the sector. Eamon now serves as Assistant Vice President at Legacy Development. In this role, he is directly influencing Buffalo’s continued urban revitalization.

Why were you interested in helping HWI?

The nexus of skills, people, and technology that HWI hosts not only enriches the understanding of important complex biological problems, but our region’s capacity for innovation. It is my goal to make sure that those important contributions are widely known.

Why does research matter to you?

Research is at the core of growth, change and innovation. Reliance on static knowledge is the road to irrelevance. The high-end research that HWI engages in represents the renewed Buffalo Niagara, and the ability of our region to push into the future as relevant as ever.