Congratulations to Edward Snell and Stephan Ginell on being elected as American Crystallographic Association Fellows!

The American Crystallographic Association – the Structural Science Society – established the Fellows distinction to recognize a high level of excellence in scientific research, teaching, and professional duties, but also service, leadership, and personal engagement in the world of crystallography and science. The Fellows distinction celebrates the excellence of American Crystallographic Association members and promotes their recognition worldwide to constituencies outside, such as their employers, other scientific societies, and the government. Fellows serve as scientific ambassadors to the broader scientific community and the general public to advance science education, research, knowledge, interaction, and collaboration.

Drs. Edward Snell (Chief Executive Officer and President of the Hauptman Woodward Medical Research Institute) and Stephan Ginell, an adjunct member of the Institute and scientist with the Industrial Macromolecular Crystallography Association beamline in Chicago (operated by the Institute) were elected fellows of the American Crystallographic Association – The Structural Science Society.  Six fellows were named in 2022 and the Institute is proud that two of those are from its scientific staff. Drs. Snell and Ginell join Dr. Lisa Keefe, executive director of the Industrial Macromolecular Crystallography Association beamline to have three Fellows associated with the Institute in Buffalo.

A Fellow is defined as “a Member whose efforts on behalf of the advancement of crystallography or its applications that are scientifically or socially distinguished.” Examples of areas in which nominees may have made significant contributions are research; teaching; technology; services to professional societies; administration in academia, industry, and government; and communicating and interpreting science to the public. Fellows are elected annually by the current group of Fellows.

Drs. Snell and Ginell are proud to be joining the ACA Fellow ranks, which include three Nobel laureates. Dr. Snell was “both humbled and honored by this recognition”, and Dr. Ginell noted that “he was surprised and also honored”. Previously elected fellow, Dr. Lisa Keefe said “It is an honor to welcome Drs. Snell and Ginell as ACA Fellows. As engaging and active members of the ACA for many years, they are exemplary scientists and mentors, visionary leaders, and strong champions of crystallography and structural science.” It demonstrates the impact of structural biology in Buffalo and its recognition nationally.