We hope our work will make as much difference in biological science as the development of motion pictures did for entertainment. We know that an understanding of dynamics is key to knowledge of mechanism and may open the door for a whole knew class of allosteric pharmaceuticals - pharmaceuticals that stop the bad functions, i.e. throwing a wrench in the gears.
Some say "if it moves, it must be biology". This is very true and very exciting from the point of view of health. My laboratory works on techniques to enable the study of dynamics in biology. We produce beautiful snapshots of proteins and complexes, the machinery of life, but that is only a glimpse of ho this machinery functions. We study how to improve our success in getting these snapshots through crystallization, we explore movement that may be trapped through studying our targets outside of crystals, and we use complementary techniques to visualize dynamics at an atomic scale. Pharmaceuticals act on the same scale as the targets we study. IF we take the example of a hand and only know it's shape as a fist, we would never consider that a glove could fit it. If we understand the hand's motion, we know that the glove will fit. By studying the motion and function of the bodies machinery we may be able to greatly extend the number and type of pharmaceuticals than can be used to treat and perhaps cure disease. We are developing the tools to do that. We combine a group of biologists, physicists, mathematicians and computer scientists and work extensively with national and international partners. It's not an institute centric effort but one that harnesses many different experimental skills to produce a complete picture of dynamics.

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