Graduate Education

HWI provides the opportunity for graduate research. Our scientists have affiliations with both the Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center and the University at Buffalo and train graduate students in their HWI laboratories.  We recommend contacting scientists individually to discuss potential opportunities and to determine the right fit to departments and programs that maximize the graduate experience. Three of our recent graduate students, trained in the latest techniques in Structural Biology, have received the School of Medicine and Biological Sciences Dean’s Award for outstanding dissertation work at the University at Buffalo, which is awarded to only one graduate each year. Through our National Science Foundation Science and Technology Center we have cross trained graduate students in numerous disciplines at Stanford University, Arizona State University and at DESY in Germany and numerous others.

HWI has partnered for years with PhD programs in our region and beyond and helped students enter graduate programs following their undergraduate career. This includes positions at Harvard University, UCLA, and St. Jude’s Women and Children’s Hospital to name but a few. For general information about program opportunities contact William Bauer, PhD at