The focus of the UB/HWI Structural Biology Department is biological form and function at the level of the three-dimensional atomic architecture of biological macromolecules and macromolecular assemblies.  The Department's program of graduate studies provides thorough training in the principles and practice of the main methodologies of structural molecular biology, namely: protein expression, purification, and crystallization; X-ray diffraction crystallography; small angle X-ray scattering; and computational structural modeling.

The core faculty of the Structural Biology Department is comprised of scientists from the Hauptman-Woodward Medical Research Institute, Inc., an internationally renowned biocrystallographic research center.  The Institute and Department are housed in a beautiful new building on the Buffalo-Niagara Medical Campus, adjacent to the new building complex that houses the UB Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics and Life Sciences and the Roswell Park Cancer Institute Centers for Genetics and Pharmacology.

One track of the Structural Biology Ph.D program includes the first-year required course work for the Ph.D. program in Biomedical Sciences.  In their second year, students choose a thesis or dissertation research topic and faculty advisor, and they commence their degree research.  For admission to degree candidacy, students are required to present and defend orally a written proposal for their research project.

The Ph.D. dissertation research must represent on original investigation designed to contribute to new knowledge and understanding of biomolecular form and function or new methodology for research in structural biology.  It is expected that the research will normally lead to publication in prominent refereed journals of one or more research papers of which the student is the principal author.

For more information, contact the Department Chair:

Michael Malkowski, Ph.D.

Each year, the Hauptman-Woodward Institute hosts a Student Intern Program for college and university undergraduate students.  The program is supported by local companies, foundations, and individuals.  The overall purpose of internships is not only to encourage students to pursue careers in the sciences, but also to make them aware of the exciting career opportunities that exist in Western New York.  HWI offers students the opportunity to work with world-renowned scientists using state-of-the-art equipment in the fields of molecular biology, crystal growth, X-ray diffraction, and computerized data analysis.  Each apprentice is assigned to a specific project and is mentored by a Ph.D. level scientist.  Students obtain hands-on experience, complete challenging experiments, and learn new concepts.  They tell us that one of the aspects of the program that they enjoy the most is the opportunity to talk about science with the Institute's scientists.

Students spend a minimum of 10 weeks on their project, and some also return during their winter and summer breaks.  At the end of the summer, each student makes a short presentation about his or her work in front of the entire scientific staff.  In the last three years our interns have joined with other summer interns from UB and Roswell Park for a research day where each student presents a poster on the work that they have done.  An internship at HWI complements other educational experiences and equips students with knowledge and skills that are useful when they enter the workplace.  If you are interested in becoming a student intern, follow the instructions below. Deadline for receipt of the application is February 15, 2017.

Questions?  Contact:

Dr. Bill Bauer, Education Director

T: 716.898.8620

Eligibility: College or University Undergraduate, prefer rising juniors and seniors, exceptions can be made for rising sophomores.

Required: 1. Application (below); 2. Current official college transcript; 3. Letter of recommendation from one of your science professors; 4. Personal interview. Initial triage will take place on the basis of marks and recommendation letter. You will be informed if you will have a personal interview.  Send transcript and letter of recommendation to Dr. Bill Bauer, PhD, Hauptman-Woodward Institute, 700 Ellicott Street, Buffalo, NY 14203.

Our intern program is a real working experience.  The program schedule is 8:30-4:30, 5 days a week, a minimum of 10 weeks. The stipend is $500 per week. We do not provide extra funds for travel or housing during the 10 week program.

All applications will be reviewed by our scientific staff in the early spring.  The number of apprentice appointments we will be able to make will be contingent on availability of funding and staff to design and supervise appropriate projects. Candidates who are chosen for participation in our program will be notified no later than the middle of April.

Undergraduate Internship Application

Advance your discovery and understanding of science while participating in one of our internship programs. Programs administered at the University at Buffalo, Arizona State University and the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, will give you the opportunity to delve further into your STEM interests through working directly with research teams, participating in coursework for BioXFEL students, and expanding professional skills in development.

BioXFEL offers SUmmer Research Internships to highly qualified undergraduate and post-graduate students with backgrounds in physics, chemistry, biochemistry, mathematics, computer science and all related fields.

Learn more by visiting BioXFEL

The 2017 Daux summer program will hold two sessions. The first from Monday, June 26 to Friday, July 14 and the second Monday, July 31 to Friday, August 18. Classes are in sessions from 9 AM to 4 PM five days a week.

The program can accommodate 35 students in each session. First time students and teachers must complete the application form below with four essay questions concerning their goals and motivations. HWI is committed to providing access to this program and have not rejected anyone who completed the application. There are no other prerequisites. Students will be accepted into the program in the order their completed application is received.

HWI High School Summer Internship Program Application (2017)

HWI High School Afterschool Internship Program Application

Parental Consent and Medical Treatment Authorization Form

The Roy Carver Foundation and donations from various supporters sponsor the high school program.

Duax Summer Program 2017

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Part of the mission of the Institute is to train future researchers to become leaders in our field.  HWI postdoctoral researchers advance their studies under the guidance of accomplished principal investigators.  With international reputations in their respective fields, HWI faculty, share the most recent research techniques and advances that they have created, enabling new researchers to expand their knowledge base and go on to positions of leadership in other prominent scientific institutions.  Postdoctoral training opportunities at the Institute can be found under Careers at the Institute